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QMAX coin is a groundbreaking cryptocurrency with immense potential for future applications. It is poised to play a pivotal role in the realm of artificial intelligence, as many upcoming AI technologies are expected to adopt QMAX coin for seamless payment transactions.

With its advanced features and robust infrastructure, Qmax coin offers a secure and efficient platform for conducting digital transactions.

As the world embraces the power of AI, QMAX coin stands at the forefront, ready to revolutionize the way we transact and interact in the digital era.

Why Qmax Coin

Why choose our token?

Why Qmax Coin on Polygon Chain?

Qmax Coin is a crypto token native to the Polygon Chain (Matic) network. The amount of people using the Polygon Chain has grown by several million in this year alone. Quickly becoming a favorite network for both developers and users, the Matic network is much faster and cheaper (up to 50x cheaper) than the older Ethereum Network and can be used in thousands of decentralized applications much quicker.

The advantage of MATIC is its on-chain governance with POS authority consensus. It is built on 21 validators which validate the transactions. It will provide decentralization, allow cross-chain communication and scaling of high-performance DApps.


Token allocation & funds distribution

1 QMax = 0.544 $

A portion of the total token supply is often allocated as reserved
tokens. These tokens are set aside for the development


QMax Tokens Details and Distribution

  • Token Name

  • Token Address

  • Blockchain

    Polygon Chain
  • Token Supply

  • Decimal Value

Road map

Our project plan

Concept Development

  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
  • Strategic Plan
  • Social Media Release

Pre-Launch Phase

  • Website Launch
  • Smart Contract Deployment
  • Pre-Launch Announcement
  • White Paper Release

Official Launching

  • Qmax App Launch
  • Qmax Staking Program Initiate
  • Initiate Community Building
  • List QMax Token On UniSwap
  • Initiate Qmax Trading On Dex
  • Qmax Education App
  • Quanta Prenure App Launch

Project Upgradation

  • Launch Qmax Use-Case For Community
  • Build QMax Community
  • Partnership Announcements
  • QMax Listing Announcement On CEX

Coin Listing & Security

  • Coinmarketcap Listing
  • Coingecko Listing
  • Media & Press Release
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Community Expansion

Future Development

  • Launch Qmax Exchange (Centralized Exchange)
  • Launch QMax Chain (Own Blockchain)
  • QUSD Stable Currency
  • Launch NFT Marketplace
  • QMax Pay (Crypto Debit Card)
  • Launch Q-Pay App (Digital Crypto Payment Solutions)
  • Launch QMax P2E Game
  • Launch QMax Fantasy Game
  • QMax Shop (Shopping Portal Via QMax Coin)
  • Launch Qmax Metaverse
Download APP

QmaxCoin APP is available to download from Google Play Store.